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Your business needs a stable and secure network infrastructure.


Firewall Inspections

  • Weak/old security certificate encryption (SSL)
  • Attack vulnerabilities
  • Internet protocol (TCP) time stamp forgery attack vulnerabilities
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) info disclosure settings
  • Open port checks (viruses, “Trojan horses”, worms, etc.)
  • Web transfer header info “leaks”

Out-Bound Policy

  • Login failure detection/analysis (brute force attacks)
  • System “leaks” – Windows protocol
  • System “leaks” – system management
  • Restricted/dangerous website access
  • Unsecure “illegal point” accesses

Security Analysis

  • Minimum password level complexity
  • Minimum password change history
  • Maximum password age
  • Password reversible encryption checks
  • Logout failures
  • Clock mismatch vulnerabilities
  • Auditing policy for server events
  • External (remote) access policy restriction check
  • Remote shutdown policy check
  • Shared permissions folder policy check

User Behavior Analysis

  • Illegal Windows user/local machine login attempts
  • Illegal server/network login attempts
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Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about our work

Andromeda supported us with our network infrastructure setup, our office technology build outs and continue to help with ongoing IT services and support. I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with their staff. They are quick, patient and extremely helpful.
Madeline M, Executive Director | Center for Reproductive Care

Their support is consistent and they are always available to help our staff when needed. We work with doctors and medical professionals from our 7 different locations so prompt response and resolution is a must have. Andromeda’s communication and support meet our expectations 95% of the time which is hard to come by. They’ve helped us improve connectivity, speed and various other segments of our network. I can’t imagine that you’d find a better partner for IT support than Andromeda.

Tracy Grobarcik, COO | Women's Healthcare of Illinois

Whatever we need, they get it done. Some of our properties have highly complex networks, but Andromeda has been able to work through every challenge, sourcing other vendors as needed. Andromeda successfully delivers reliable IT support –they get each job done without any issues. We haven’t experienced any network down time as a result of any of their work.

Joe L, Director of IT | Sterling Bay

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