Celebrating Earth Day serves as a reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it. With a few simple changes to the way we use technology solutions at work, we can help make a big impact. 

Did you know that just switching to cloud computing can help the environment? It’s true! 


3 ways cloud computing helps the environment… 


1. Energy Conservation.

No onsite servers can save businesses on energy usageThis is important because when you consume less power, you reduce the number of toxic fumes released by power plants, conserve the earth’s natural resources, and protect ecosystems from destruction. 

Ask your technology providers about their cloud environments to learn more about different techniques these businesses take to ensure green practices in cloud computing.


2. Work Anywhere, Anytime

When you place your work, projects, and data on the cloud it allows you and your staff to be able to work from anywhere at anytime* without driving back to the office. This saves on travel to and from the office which decreases emissions, and increases productivity

3. Allows For A Paperless Workspace

The cloud empowers your team to print fewer documents and collaborate using SaaS (Software as a Service) tools – meaning less paper wasted by staff. Additionally, less printing means you will use less ink and most offices won’t be upset about double cost savings here!  


Have a great Earth Day and smile because you just helped save the environment. 

*Some cloud solutions require an active internet connection to work